The Challenge

All of us understand that in this day and age of constant stress, severe competition and the unending quest for material success, the negative impact on our body and psyche is immeasurable. There is virtually no one who is not subjecting himself to conditions, both at work and home, which at the least, make us feel ‘not so good’ about ourselves and in the worst case scenario result in the early arrival of chronic degenerative diseases (diabetes mellitus, arthritis, heart disease).

The Questions

How does one prevent this from happening? If one is already affected, how does one combat it? Is a regular gym adequately equipped to handle this serious challenge? Does a ‘standard formula’ approach of working out for a few hours and going on a diet work for all of us, and if so can we sustain it? Can one end up worse off than what one started with?


The Solutions

Recognizing the basic fact that every person is different from the next, at Radiant Medi-fitness, the regimen you undergo is prescribed by qualified medical practitioners who decide on what is best for you after a detailed medical analysis. While helping you to work on short-term goals of weight loss is a strictly supervised and medically monitored environment, the Radiant Medi-fitness team targets a long-term lifestyle change for you through constant review, counseling, close follow up and at times even going to the extent of enlisting the support of your close family members to help you attain your goal of all round wellness.

The Radiant Team believes that Wellness represents a higher degree of “health” than merely the absence of illness. A ‘truly caring’ approach will ensure that not only do you adopt best practices for a healthy lifestyle, but actually end up with a long term implementation of the same

The Gym training programs will be done under professionally qualified trainers with state-of-the-art gym equipment and monitored carefully to suit your individual requirements. The other benefits of regular aerobic exercises are that it can also lower your blood pressure, build stronger bones and improve muscle strength & flexibility.