Physiotherapy (Physical Therapy) is as old as medicine itself, dating back to Ancient Greece in the era of Hippocrates. Since then, physiotherapy has evolved from a simple massage to a complex portfolio of therapies with many specialized applications. Physiotherapy is a safe, effective and medically based approach to health care which aims to increase a patient’s overall health. Physiotherapy treatments can assist seniors, athletes, auto injury victims, workplace injuries, those recovering from childbirth and surgery. In addition, common age-related issues such as arthritis, stroke, heart conditions, lung diseases, neurological conditions, spina bifida and cerebral palsy can be successfully treated by physiotherapists.

Through physiotherapy, many patients are able to gain unrestricted movement and physical independence to carry out our normal lifestyle or work.

So when it comes to assessing and treating people with movement problems, the services of the physiotherapist are often helpful. The human body is an amazing labyrinth of muscles, bones, ligaments and nerves. Physiotherapists are one among the health professionals that are specifically educated to deal with the musculoskeletal components of the human body. It’s no wonder that a physiotherapist is an absolutely essential part of the rehabilitation process for people with muscle, joint and nerve pain or dysfunction.


The Questions

A physiotherapist’s main goal is to help patients with the ability to move affected body parts, restore their functional abilities and help prevent the onset of further disease or disability. Through a series of therapy programs, prescribed exercises, and therapeutic modalities, physiotherapists are able to help people achieve long term results and ultimately a healthy lifestyle! At Radiant, the physiotherapist focuses their initial treatment with an emphasis on pain relief and preventing the injury from worsening. The next focus is on the restoration of strength and stability in areas that are “loose” and improving flexibility or mobility in areas that are “tight”. The ultimate objective of physiotherapy treatment is to make an individual to lead near-normal life and manage their physical well-being independently.

If you would like to talk to a Radiant Health physiotherapist to help determine if physiotherapy is a suitable choice for your health care goals, contact us for a no-obligation appointment and one of our highly trained and skilled professionals will contact you.

It is important to seek physiotherapy quickly after an injury or a disorder as results improve with early intervention.

  • Helps Restore Function For Physically Injured – Safely.
  • Improved Movement and Coordination of Injured Area.
  • Helps Relieve Pain Caused by Surgery or Injury.
  • Improves Overall Muscle Strength and Mobility.
  • Effective For People With Degenerative Conditions.
  • Ideal For Amateur and Professional Athletes.
  • Often Returns Patient To Original Level of Function.
  • Effective for Gaining Optimum Physical Health.
  • Can Be Helpful For People Suffering From Neurological Disorders.

Services Available

  • IFT – Inter Ferential Therapy
  • SWD – Short Wave Diathermy
  • ICT – Cervical traction
  • Lumbar Traction
  • Wax Therapy
  • US – Ultra Sound Therapy
  • TPR – Trigger Point Release
  • MFR – Myo Facial Release
  • METS – Muscle Energy Technique
  • CEP – Corrective Exercise Program
  • Stretching
  • Proprioception
  • Core Training